Bad Girl, Good Girl?

You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know Me.
You Don’t Know Me, You Don’t Know Me, So, Shut Up, Boy.
So, Shut Up, Boy.
So, Shut Up, Shut Up.

You couldn’t say a thing in front of me, but you could talk badly about me behind my back. I’m dumbfounded.

Hello, Hello, Hello.
It seems like the first time, time, time you’ve seen a girl like me.
Why do you judge me?
Are you afraid of me, perhaps?

On the outside, I’m a Bad Girl.
On the inside, I’m a Good Girl.
You don’t even know me well, you only look at me from the outside.
I find your gaze to be funny because you see me as a pitiful girl.

When I dance, I’m a Bad Girl.
When I love, I’m a Good Girl.
When you watch me dance, you become mesmerized, but are you done after you watch?
I find your hypocrisy to be funny because you point at me.

These kind of clothes, this kind of hair, a girl who does these kind of dances is obvious.
You’re even more obvious.

Hello, Hello, Hello.
If you don’t have any confidence, go to the back, back, back.
You just need to step back.
Why do you keep making noise?
Don’t you know that your heart can clearly be seen?

I’m looking for a man who can handle me.
I’m looking for a real man, not a man who acts like one through words.
Isn’t there a man who won’t make me anxious because he overflows with confidence?
So that I can be me, so that I can watch him freely from afar?


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